Minor Error in 12/05 Football Rankings

Shortly after the announcement of the bowl pairings on December 5, Jerry Palm (of College RPI), who verifies the Colley Matrix rankings independently each week of the football season, identified a small discrepancy in the Colley Matrix rankings which interchanged #9 LSU with #10 Boise State, and #17 Alabama with #18 Nebraska. After about an hour of collaboration, Mr. Palm and Wes Colley identified that the cause of the problem was that the score data resource used by Colley Matrix had simply not included the Appalachian State vs. Western Illinois FCS playoff game in its online database.

The switch of Alabama and Nebraska in the Colley Matrix rankings does not impact the final BCS rankings of those teams. However, because Boise State's and LSU's (originally) reported BCS ratings were so similar (0.6104 and 0.6167), the switch of LSU and Boise State in the Colley Matrix rankings is just enough to slip Boise State ahead of LSU, by an incredibly slim 0.0004 rating points.

While these changes have absolutely no impact on the bowl pairings already announced, or the qualifying eligibility of any team, Colley Matrix regards that, as a matter of science, it is important to get the correct values on the record. We have therefore informed the BCS of the error, and we thank Jerry Palm for bringing this to our attention.

We apologize for any confusion and any inconvenience this may have presented.