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SECPac-12Big 10Big 12ACCInd FBSMWCCUSAAmericanMACS BeltFCS
SEC38-3 0.780203             0-01-13-11-00-03-06-04-15-07-08-0
Pac-1229-5 0.764978 0-0            4-11-01-11-110-21-01-01-01-08-0
Big 1040-14 0.650521 1-11-4            0-33-12-23-04-05-08-32-011-0
Big 1222-8 0.649794 1-30-13-0            0-20-10-05-03-03-00-07-1
ACC36-14 0.588001 0-11-11-32-0            2-31-23-04-24-14-114-0
Ind FBS15-13 0.519234 0-01-12-21-03-2            0-31-23-12-11-01-1
MWC24-22 0.505729 0-32-100-30-02-13-0            2-22-10-13-110-0
CUSA23-25 0.439305 0-60-10-40-50-32-12-2            3-15-04-07-2
American16-26 0.377689 1-40-10-50-32-41-31-21-3            2-00-18-0
MAC19-33 0.334389 0-50-13-80-31-41-21-00-50-2            2-111-2
S Belt11-26 0.274148 0-70-10-20-01-40-11-30-41-01-2            7-2
FCS8-92 0.116009 0-80-80-111-70-141-10-102-70-82-112-7            
The Explanation of Rankings chart is very helpful when it comes to choosing a team and trying to figure out the chances of them winning. Similar charts can be found on sports sites, they help give the visitor a statistical edge when betting online. It is important to figure out the odds before choosing a team to bet on. If you are already a fan or a team then statistics really don't matter, good luck winning.



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